March 17th, 2019

Had a rough day yesterday. Forcing myself back into a 7am start worked, but it left me so shattered I couldn’t start writing until 11, and ended up only doing 475 words of Volcano. So I wrote a 1,000 word short story to get me to target and accepted it wasn’t meant to be.

I then only managed to get into bed gone 11. Bad chain, this meant I got up at 7, but was just as exhausted as yesterday. So the same thing is happening: it’s 11am now, and I’m at 560 – which is better than yesterday – but only started after 10.

I want to get to quota with Volcano, and then try to have a maximum rest day. I’m getting burned out by how busy I am right now with all my commitments, and I want to take a step back from them. 1K is the hardest to do that with but I want to try to churn out 440 words and worry about them having any merit later. That’s how I prefer to write anyway.