March 16th, 2019

I got up at 7, so I defied the risk after two hyper-active days on Thursday and Friday that I would slip back into my old ways, and I consider that a victory. But my word count is only just over a third of target, and that’s all since 10. If I’d written this an hour ago when I normally would start to, it would be zero.

I think that was me being shattered and needing to ease back into the positive routine, and 375 before midday is still impressive by my old standards, but I hope today is a one-off. I didn’t write out what I wanted to have happen yesterday in today’s writing so that didn’t help motivation.

Being able to get up and look at two paragraphs that tell me what to write makes such a huge difference. It’s why I’ve always been able to turn out writing fast if it was commissioned. I work best with structure (funny that) so having a plan helps.

Well that plan is written now and I’ll try to get close to target before midday if I can.