March 14th, 2019

I hit 920 words before I left the house today, thanks to spending just five minutes the night before sketching out what I wanted to have happen in the next day’s thousand words. By the time all my reports were run off for the morning at work – where I have to wait for the computer to process them anyway so may as well write while I do – I hit 1,066.

To say I have conquered mornings still feels premature, but to achieve that at this point all I have to do is keep this momentum up, and at this point it is starting to feel effortless. Don’t get me wrong, I will push myself in time to aim for new heights, but for the time being I am over the moon with where I am right now.

So with my energy for the rest of today, I will write a brief summary of what I want to produce with my 1K tomorrow, which later I’ll copy onto my whiteboard at home, and then send off Unreachable to some more agents.

In less than two weeks 1K as a new lifestyle will be 6 months old. If I could at the start of this journey have seen where I’d be in such a short space of time, I would never have believed it. About the only thing that could make things perfect at this point would be getting representation. So, here’s to that.