March 13th, 2019

Not quite the same rush as yesterday, which I was disappointed about until I realised writing 535 words before I even leave for work is huge by my old standard. I mean…

Pre-September 2018: I write in bursts, but at most do a couple thousand words a month, and sometimes go months without writing anything.

October-December 2018: I write a thousand words each day, about half of it rambling thoughts.

January 2018: I start to exclude the 300 words of diary entries I do every day. I then just, stop writing the rambling brain dumps as part of it too.

February 2018: I start blogging every day on top of 1,000 words and my diary entry.

March 2018: I start getting most and sometimes all of my writing done before 11am each day.

That’s, mindblowing progress. I’m glad that it is not enough for me though. I have not felt ambition like this since my childhood. For the first time I’m thinking past tomorrow.

More Volcano today, and at least one more book submission. Let’s do this.