March 8th, 2019

Well damn, it worked.

I can’t get too ahead of myself; I’ve managed one or two-off early mornings before now. Even so, today I got up at 7, did what I described in yesterday’s post to the letter apart from one deviation to eat some leftovers for breakfast instead of toast – which in a way is even better – and sat down to write at 7:35. I wrote 469 words until about 20 past 8, and then got ready and left for work at 8:30.

I’m speechless. I knew that my ability to adhere to routine was better under 1K, but I didn’t know I’d gotten that good. What I wrote incidentally was Volcano, new content for Chapter 6 now. Yesterday I finished off my writing Manifesto. I’ll link that and my rough “Night Orb” write up at the end of this post. So today I will finish off quota with more of Chapter 6, then get an early night and see if I can keep this going into the weekend. Here’s hoping.

My Writing Manifesto (A Thousand Words)

“The Night Orb” writing exercise (Rough and unpolished)