March 7th, 2019

I managed to write some content for a story not part of The Service to Ore series yesterday! Sort of. When I was at University – a failed experiment I am not getting into here – I created a fantasy world based off my own tabletop roleplay experiences. It came out of the death of my first RP character, and not being quite ready to let go yet.

The world was a pocket-universe that pulled in souls who died on other worlds, and held them in a purgatory. The whole universe was supported by a mysterious orb – what is it with me and weird orbs? – that held great destructive force but also held the fabric of this world together, along with pulling in other souls. Think of it as a mental black hole. Incidentally, the “Night Orb” as it is called gets its name in lore as the bringer of an eternal night should its power be unleashed, but in real life, the name is an anagram of Brighton. Yeah can you tell how little affection I hold for my university town? I made it into a metaphorical black hole.

Here’s a link to what I wrote, told from the perspective of my oracle character, Brian the Brain. He is a giant brain in a jar with legs, because I make some weird-ass characters at times. If I can dig out the picture I drew of him at some point I’ll post it here.

So today I want to do two things. First, I’ve been meaning to write my writer’s manifesto for a while now. I saw an article that said having your mission statement of why you write is good for letting readers get to like you better, and I like the idea of having a manifesto that is exactly 1,000 words long in the spirit of 1K. So that sounds like a fun task for today.

In addendum, I am going to try a radical shift in my routine tonight and into tomorrow. First of all, I will be moving my coffee machine into my bedroom, and my writing desk along with it. I will then be getting an early night, then following a new routine:

Get up at 7.

Set off my coffee to brew.

Set bread to toast.

Get in shower.

Finish up and eat toast.

Brush teeth and shave.

Drink coffee at my desk.


Leave house at 8:30.

This is two changes to my current routine. First, I will drink a coffee before I leave the house. Second, I start an entire hour before I currently do, giving me roughly 50 minutes of time I could dedicate to writing.

I’ll feed back tomorrow how it goes.