March 6th, 2019

I didn’t end up doing any short story writing yesterday. This was in part because I went straight from work into cooking mode and then right on to roleplay, and never carved out any headspace for playing around with story ideas. I ended up just adding another 1,000 words to my Spectrum plan, which is almost done at this point.

What I’ll be doing when it’s done is printing it as cue cards, laying out the scenes and trying to make sure I avoid orphaned sections. By this I mean scenes that appear, then don’t link up in any neat way to other scenes later on or before them. One or two of these are fine in a wider story like my 14 book series, but to put it in perspective, I allowed myself one in Unreachable. That was incidentally the end of Chapter 3, and consists of three paragraphs from memory.

I would still like to do some short story writing to get the creative flow going, but I don’t know if my heart is in it today. I want to, but familiar old feelings of deflation are making it hard to focus. I think it’s just loneliness, which is to be expected, but I should as a writer be channelling those emotions into more work, not being prevented from producing any original content.

If I end up just adding to Spectrum’s plan and finishing Unreachable’s final once-over, then topping that up with some typing up of new Spectrum at home then this will still be a successful day. I’d like to write some short stories too though. I miss doing that kind of writing a lot.