March 4th, 2019

Still no internet on my phone which is infuriating. No reason given either so my hope is they get their act together and give me my next batch of data in the next few hours. God knows I pay them enough.

Yesterday I came close to a finished outline of Spectrum, so that is going to serve me really well for my next task: working out the number of scenes needed to tell the story in that way. To do this I need to confirm an assumption that I hold about scenes: I naturally write 1,200 words per scene on average. If that is true, and I hope to confirm it with my other task today, then I need about 62 scenes in total. That seems about right when a sensible-length film needs 40~.

So that other task is I need to read Unreachable. Sounds simple right? Well it is. No really all I’m doing is reading and tweaking the cadance to get it how I like. That’s it. It’s freaky how close to done this is now. And in a way it’s not because it’s about six years overdue at this point.