March 31st, 2019

I’m exhausted. I have written nothing yet. I will later, but right now I need rest. I think I may be pushing myself a little too far, not in my writing but the fact I don’t feel up to writing as much is a knock on effect.

I’m having the rest day I sort of got screwed out of yesterday and doing my fitness and words later. For now I will lie down and wait for my neck to stop hurting.

March 30th, 2019

I apologise for the late entry today. I had a restful morning – still up at 7 but much slower – in a bid to fight off the burnout I’ve been experiencing the last few days.

I hit target today a minute before I started to write this, which was 11:50, so this was a morning target. I’m not hung up on always getting target by midday, but it’s so much nicer to. And I can spend the rest of the day thinking about tomorrow’s bout.

On a related note, Chapter 8 is nearing its climax, which will lead into the final chapter of the story. It’s exciting to think I am this close to another finished first draft. That feeling doesn’t get any less satisfying, even if the first draft is the easy part.

Time to try to relax for the rest of today. And I swear to god if I have sit ups in my workout app again waiting for me later I am going to riot.

March 29th, 2019

This has not been a great last 24 hours since yesterday’s post. I’m emotionally exhausted and feeling screwed around, and that’s reflected in my writing, or the lack thereof.

Oh I hit target yesterday, so no worries there, six months of a thousand words a day in the bag, and I should be pleased with that.

Today I have written – outside of this post – nothing. Not a single word. I think I need to take things a little easy for today and tomorrow. I’m still going to write stuff for Volcano, but I might take a breather and explore Commaful or a different style like that.

I’m at work so won’t be writing a ton until later, but I will hit target. I’m just having a low time of things.

March 28th, 2019

One of my weaker weekdays on recent record, but I am ok with that. It would be unrealistic of me to assume I could always hit a thousand words within a far more limited timeframe than one day, though had I not needed to leave for work I would have kept going past 8:28am and would have hit target with ease.

So why was today a bad day? That’s not a fair question as I would argue it was not a bad day, but there were a few factors that impaired it:

  • My vision for the ensuing scene wasn’t as clear as it could have been. I had my plan for the scene written out on my whiteboard, but there was a lot of vague language. The real problem was…
  • The ‘scene’ I wrote up turned into at least 2. That’s a good thing as it gives me a lot more meat to work with – an odd thing to crave as a vegetarian but hey. The issue is I didn’t expand on the component parts enough, so the chase sequence started, and I had the familiar voice go “now what?”. The scene calls for a tension that I did not have a good enough framework to accommodate. That’s no big deal, I’ll rewrite the whole sequence when I type it to make it more intense.
  • I got to bed past 11. This one was because a friend was feeling vulnerable and I stayed up to chat to them. I stand by the heart of that action, but I should be being stricter about not looking at my phone after 10. However that will not always be possible and I accept that in this case, it was the right thing to do.

This continues to uphold my “asleep by 11 = easy target by 8:40” hypothesis, which I am keeping vague track of but might write-up in neat later if I start tracking my sleep schedule. All the same, it wasn’t a bad morning. I got 700 words, I’ll easily add 300 at least on my breaks, and if not I can pick that up in the evening even if this is not ideal.

I’m trying in a loose sense to twist the part of my mantra that says “finish up by 5 each night”, which was meant to refer to caffeine intake more than word count to be my goal when hitting target, but this isn’t a hard rule.

As today at work I am trying to figure out a complex SQL document with my limited self-taught coding skills, I think I appreciate the chance to get away and solve an easier problem like a high-speed snail boat chase with krakens. SQL confuses me more than that for some reason.

March 27th, 2019

Yesterday I hit 2,000 words, over that even, so my conscience is clear about the nonsense thousand I had to write for Chapter 8. I also started doing my clean up of Chapter 1, with a mind to upload to Wattpad and – if I figure it out – Commaful.

This has involved nailing down once and for all the size of my layers of the multiverse that now must be set in stone for the series. I had a few options:

Option 1 – The layers of existence are TINY

In this, the outer layer of existence is about the size of Mercury. This one had a lot of appeal – who wants to see the protagonist wandering an empty wilderness for a whole chapter after all – but it gave me no room to fill said space with anything interesting or fun. It also messed with horizons a lot more than I wanted to.

Option 2 – The layers are HECKING HUGE

This is what the latest draft has at the moment, and sees the outer layer being the size of the sun. That seemed like a lot of fun on paper, until I started playing with the maths and found I was pushing suspension of disbelief too far. Ok so the story sees a man fall through existence with a – future – talking garden snail, but in a way that’s why the reader has to be eased into the nonsense a little. Also this made my final chambers a little too big for the “final layer” feeling.

I should explain at this point I’m modelling the multiverse on Fibonacci numbers, so it gets smaller by half between most layers, with the “1, 1” being the outside and inside of the heart of existence respectively. This is because I like Fibonacci numbers and it’s my multiverse so I’ll build it how I darn well want to.

Option 3 – The layers are, reasonable?

The specifics of this model are that the “Inner” layer – the one that looks like Arthur is home – becomes Earth sized. This takes away from the trippy nature of this layer, but is a nice segue into relative size within the layers. My thinking is that the layers size is reflective of Arthur’s perception, so is not really any size at all. He sees it as having size, but he is within what is for intents and purposes a singularity, so screw it, easiest solution wins.

This makes the “Heart of the Multiverse” a bit smaller than the dwarf planet Vesta, and I think that works for now. This is the size of the final battle chamber from outside and from inside, and the small orb that is the Heart itself will be about the size of a small gothic church. Don’t ask why I’m using that as an example, I drew a blank on what Heart-sized objects exist in the world. Tweet me a better example my non-existent reader.

Back to my day job now. FIngers crossed I post later today.

March 26th, 2019

I’ve hit 1,656 words so far today. That sounds really impressive, but for reasons that won’t become clear unless you read Volcano one day – and my future editor tolerates my sense of humour – 1,000 of those words do not count. I could count them, they are normal words and they are part of the story. The issue is they are all a little too, similar.

Turns out even when you have every word already planned out it’s harder than you’d think to write 1,000 words. In fact, I found out an interesting potential hypothesis: not knowing what you’re going to write, and thus needing to think as you do, reduces your brain’s focus on the physical actions required to write, meaning your hands hurt less. Weird if perhaps one day useful factoid to test.

So today I will have 2,000 words of Volcano to show for my troubles, and 3,000 total of the penultimate chapter. That’s surreal and wonderful in equal measure, and feels pretty sweet. That also means I am 15,000 words off my minimum requirement for finishing Volcano, so that gives me immense satisfaction. It’s a first draft, and even when I type it and it becomes a second, it needs a hell of a lot of work. But I am proud. Today is a good day.

No surprises, but I got to bed at 9:30/10. I think my theory is holding its own.

March 25th, 2019

My theory is getting more and more evidence by the day. I never respected how much impact the time I went to sleep had, fixating on the amount of sleep far too much. I think this added a tension to when I woke up, and meant even if I got 10 hours, if I was sleeping at 2am, I was anxious on waking how much I had to do in the time I had, with no routine to act as comfort.

Writing that out makes me think, well, “no sh-” but I avoid swearing on my blog because, professional image and all so I’ll let you complete that one imaginary reader. Getting an early night on its own was never enough because where was the motivation to do anything with it when I woke up? It was an excuse to lie in until 8:20 anyway, then roll out of bed and into work. Given my size at times, ‘roll’ might not be a metaphor.

Today I hit target at 8:22, a new record that I will smash tomorrow. That’s not over-confidence, I have the dumbest scene I will ever write to do, and it is 1,000 words long. I have the entire text already written in my head, which sounds a lot more impressive than it should. When you read Chapter 8 one day you can see why for yourself. But it is the closest to a rest day I’ll ever have with 1K – excluding when I later type it up, but I do not think I’ll count it that time as it will take 2 minutes to do, if that – so I’m taking it.