February 18th, 2019

I haven’t written a single word yet. Today I just didn’t hit my stride at work, and felt distracted and messed up. I got my job done, then found myself burned out. I don’t want to be in this rut. It’s not writers block because the block is stopping me even type up my existing words. I need to break through this, and write some new content.

I will now try and write 1,000 words of Chapter 5. Then I will try to do this during the day tomorrow. I can find my groove again. It’s been a strange few days, I think caused by me worrying over a few things that I really don’t need to. They all come under the heading of what will be will be, and I can and will bounce back from them.

What makes me a writer isn’t the days or chains of days where the words flow. It’s the days like these where I get the job done despite what my brain throws at me. This is a phase. It will pass. And it’s the actions I take during it that will shape where I go from there.

1,000 words. Let’s do this.

February 17th, 2019

The last two days have been a bit off for me. I still managed 1,000 words on both days of pure story content, which a month ago would be counted as a fantastic day in both cases. But my standards are shifting. I’m comfortable with 1,000 words of typing up being my floor.

Today I would like to do 1,000 of new content, but I agree with shattered-me yesterday that doing a type up might be better. I think I’d get pretty close with 1,000 to finishing Chapter 3 on Google Docs (available over there >). I’d like to follow that up with Unreachable edits, as I want to publish the eBook soon.

If I’m doing typing today though, I want to get right back to new content on Monday. I can do better than chaining type ups. That’s a surreal thought, as I used to average 12 brain-dumps to hit target a month, and this month I haven’t done that once. Funny how values change over time. Wonder where I’ll be by the end of the year.

February 16th, 2019

– The text didn’t post properly so editing to writing this up again –

I had a restful day, but because of this I didn’t get a whole lot done. I’m finishing up my target for today, but it’s going to all be typing up. I don’t regret this, I needed to have a more relaxed day because I was buring out pretty bad.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to just do another 1,000 typed up. Ambition is good, and I’m glad that I’m pushing myself. That all being said, I am making myself very run down, and that is not sustainable. I don’t want to lose the habit, but I’m under enough strain right now that I’d prefer to avoid pushing myself over the edge.

February 15th, 2019

Just a super quick one. Hit target with 700 words of Chapter 5, and 300 typed up. It’s been a weird night, I was barely awake or actually asleep for most of it.

No more writing tonight apart from my journal; tomorrow I’ll try to get another 1,000 of Chapter 5. For now though I just need to sleep…

February 14th, 2019

Today has been a headache, and not for the obvious¬†single-for-the-first-time-in-three-years reason. I didn’t think about Valentines Day – it’s one of the few dates I don’t hold onto with obsession, unlike the day 12 days before it – so my headache was just a literal one caused by exhaustion and dehydration. The latter I could deal with; the former is unfair. I got 9 hours sleep, I was out like a light before 11, what more does my brain want from me?

I have written 18 words so far. No I didn’t drop a zero, that’s eighteen in total. It didn’t help I had to go grab more instant coffee *shudder* on my lunch break and lost a good 20 minutes, or that the walk left me more tired. So I’d quite like to do the remaining 982 words of Volcano I owe myself for today. I’m glad I haven’t been tempted to fall back on my old habit of hitting target with a dump of my thoughts and feelings into a Google Doc.

Even in this position I still think tomorrow is another 1,000 words of Chapter 5. Yes tomorrow I am in Hastings and yes that means I will be more tired than today *shudder* but my response is increasingly becoming “Why not?”. And well, why not? It’s not like it has to be great; it’s a first draft, it doesn’t have to be coherent, or even legible. No excuse.

I think I was in an italic mood writing this post. Need to cut that out too.

February 13th, 2019

I didn’t end up doing any extra content after yesterday’s post. I got a text message that left me in a sour mood and it sapped my willpower. The unfortunate side effect of 1K – and worth it I might add – is that once I hit target, my desire to keep writing becomes sapped. That’s a mental health issue I still need to deal with, but with this blog and my private journal I’m still doing 1,500 words on average every day. I’d have killed for that any time before now.

Right, today I want to produce 1,000 words of Chapter 5 of Volcano. That should be no problem. Once I’ve done that, my stretch goal for today is to write-up a one page rubric of words, phrases and concepts to remove from my writing on rewrites. Adverbs and adjectives are part of that, but also hedge phrases, and certain sentence structures. I will then use this to do a fresh rewrite of Unreachable, which I will then make available as a free eBook here and on Amazon.

I want to keep this chain of 1,000 words of new story content going as long as I can, so even before that’s done for today I want to plant my flag in another 1,000 words of Chapter 5 tomorrow. There is no reason I can’t, and that’s what I want. I have a soft-goal of finishing Volcano by my 27th birthday (April 13th) and this is a vital step.

February 12th, 2019

Today was one of those very good days. It was identical to yesterday, but I made one change that made all the difference: between tasks or while waiting for work to come through, I wrote. In doing so, I wrote over 1,000 words of Volcano Chapter 5, and did over a hundred words of tweaks to Unreachable, making me feel super motivated to do more.

On that note, while I’ve hit target I’d like to do as much more of Unreachable’s tweaks as I can, which consists of cutting fluff and any words or phrases I do not like – looking at you adverbs.

Tomorrow let’s do this again. Why not? I do not see any honest reason why I can’t. I’ve never felt so empowered.

February 11th, 2019

I don’t know man. One of those days. The morning dragged, but I don’t like writing in the morning because I feel it looks bad taking “break” time early on. Afternoon got swallowed by a meeting that overran by an hour because people love listening to me talk, and then I left work late. Again. I didn’t even have to, I just wanted to finish one more thing.

So current word count is 0. I still want to try to hit target with Volcano Chapter 5. The good news is that I have plain sailing through the rest of Volcano at this point. I’ve tackled the bit I was going to struggle with, and the rest I have a much more solid plan for. I’m even pretty darn happy rereading the end of 4. I won’t feel that way after taking it out of the drawer later down the line but hey, if I did I’d be an awful writer.

Ok so today, 1,000 of Chapter 5. Tomorrow, funnily enough, 1,000 words of Chapter 5. Seeing a pattern here? If tomorrow morning is slow I’ll take an early break and write sooner. I’m out at roleplay in the evening so I would like to avoid a super late finish. I can’t type that with a straight face.

February 10th, 2019

I just had the surreal experience of writing this blog post on the wrong blog. That was unpleasent. In my eagarness to delete it I never copied what I wrote, so I guess I’ll be doing a complete rewrite. I seem to have an addiction for those at the moment.

Well today I did what I’d been putting off on some subconsious level for a very long time and wrote the one scene in Volcano I didn’t feel qualified to: Arthur’s botched Cambridge interview. I just went screw it, sat down and wrote it out. Funny story, I grabbed a bottle of rum and said “drink this, then write that.” and then forgot to drink the rum. Go figure; guess I’ll need to remember a few shots in the rewrite.

So goals for tomorrow – let’s go for another 1,000 words of the paper version in the form of Chapter 5. If I can keep this up, I can easily finish Volcano in a few months, then take another big swing at Spectrum as by then the reannotation will be done and I can type it up again. I did exactly zero annotating this weekend so I should aim to do at least some of that tomorrow.

February 9th, 2019

Just about made it through yesterday’s quota, I keep writing at the last minute and it peeves me off. I wrote a thousand words up of Volcano, and I’ll do the same tonight, but I want to get back to the up to date version on paper.

I would like to spend some of tomorrow going through Spectrum and doing more work on that. Here’s the first page, already under violent attack: