February 28th, 2019

This is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post because I felt like it.

There was a time in my life – ok most of my life – that I couldn’t do mornings. It was an intense fatigue I could not overcome no matter what I tried. Since I started writing 1,000 words a day I’ve rebuilt almost every routine I have, and in doing so I now have a morning routine so embedded that it’s become my strongest part of the day.

I bring this up because mornings seemed insurmountable, but compared to one routine I’ve developed since I started 1K (1,000 words a day) it was a pushover to change. That would be my penchant for writing late in the evening. There’s nothing wrong with it as such, and I’m glad that no matter how tired I am I’m driven to write. But I want to start turning myself into a morning writer.

I’m doing this for more reasons than wanting earlier nights, though that would be great. It’s my hope that if I can build a robust morning writing routine, then I will on good days also get a lot done in my evening, or at least free up some of that time. To that end, my thought is this:

  • First off, no mini AM deadline. I only have one target each day and that’s 1K. Targets don’t work for me in the long-term, they lead to burnout.
  • That being said, a push to have produced something before X-AM each day would seem the most reasonable experiment. And when I say something – a word I really need to stop using – I mean one line, or one entry in the Oreacle*.
  • I have to contend with my job being my number one priority, so anything I work in has to be flexible enough to work around patches of down time at work. That much isn’t anything new, but it’s important not to lose sight of it.

So here’s my pitch: I write this blog between 10 and 11 each day, which I’ve achieved most days, so if I write content right afterwards on its coat-tails I can build a stronger anchor point to morning writing. That relies on me doing the blog of course, so I need to not let that slip. Most of all, I have to apply this to my weekends too, or it’s all for nothing.

This is exciting. So back to normal format: yesterday I wrote a mix of typed up Volcano and new content for Unreachable. I am writing a brand new scene for Unreachable today and it’s one I wish I’d done sooner, as it’s such an important part of Heather’s character and of how her friendship with Halos takes form.

To summarise in brief, Heather is gay. When I wrote Unreachable I didn’t want to hammer it into my reader because I cringe at traits like sexuality and race and such being added “just because”, and not with respect to the people behind them. I was anxious to not look like I’d decided at the last-minute to sprinkle this in, as while she is out it’s not a major plot point. She is who she is.

Well I finally figured out a way to make it more overt, and do so in a way I think will let her charming nature shine through, as well as for an added bonus flesh out both the culture of the Oriaens and her mother’s personality. There will be one scene where I rewrite an implied exchange between the protagonists on attraction to be one we see, where Heather just says she is gay, because Heather isn’t self-conscious about it. It’s one of the few things she isn’t.

The second new addition is to an existing scene. Heather and her mother in Bodium bonding, and talking about getting away from the world. A lot of their development together has been about “secrets”, and I think I’ve come up with a charming way for Heather to come out to her mother which cements the renewed trust she has in her.

So I want to write both of those today, and both will be at least 200-300 words a piece, so I’ll try to top that up with new Volcano afterwards to finish Chapter 5. Once I do finish Chapter 5 I think I’m going to take a break from Volcano for a few days. I still love the story, but I think some space would help me start the second half with fresh eyes. It helps that finishing the chapter will see me fill every available page in Volcano’s current journal, so I will be starting afresh anyway.

Time to get started. By the way, a bit amusing: I don’t count my blog when I write 1K because I don’t feel like counting it. If I did, this is over 800 words. So yeah sorry for the long one, I just wanted to do a bit of an unfiltered brain dump. Cya.


*The Oreacle is my personal Encyclopedia of the universe of my stories. It’s about 40,000 words long at this point but I add to it in tiny bits day-to-day. This is how I manage continuity across all my stories.