February 26th, 2019

My mood had been tanking in recent weeks, and yesterday it nose dived. The honeymoon period of the new exciting me with blog posts and 1,500 word days and an organised life is dimming. I still have all that, but the stuff I’m not happy with is rearing up and demanding answers again.

Yesterday I did 500 words of typing and wrote 500 or so words of new content, but the latter wasn’t Volcano. I jumped down the list you can see on the sidebar to Horizon Rises, the first part of a dystopian future trilogy. That’s a big shift from my usual comfort zone, but it gave me a kick, and I have to write all of these so I’m more than fine with getting a head start.

I think I need to avoid burning myself out on one project. I wanted to have Volcano done by my birthday and that was ambitious – doable and I still believe I could do it, but a stretched stretch goal. So while I will aim for a first draft by my birthday I’m allowing myself to flip between Volcano, Taft, Unreachable, Rises and even Spectrum, don’t forget that colossal task I’ve barely started.

I will write something today. It will either be new Volcano or new Rises content. I’ll see how I feel.