February 23rd, 2019

Yesterday was interesting. I got down to the last 400 words I need to purge and/or replace in Unreachable, and when they’re done and I have the new cover finished I’ll be hitting publish. I had it pointed out to me that while it was good I was enthusiastic to do so, it was better to wait until it’s ready. I then had to do over 800 words to hit target, and suprised myself yesterday evening by doing 800 new words of Chapter 5. I was not expecting to be that disciplined.

Today I would like to stay at home and aim for an early target; there’s a team meeting at Mana Gaming however and as Organiser I’m obliged to be there. That’s ok, I don’t mind, but it does mean that I won’t do any writing while I’m out – I never do when I’m there which is a tad frustrating – so I will try to get as much done before then as I can. I may once the people who came to fix the oven are done try to get the office tidied and sit in there with a coffee. It’s what the damn place is there for.