February 21st, 2019

Yesterday was my day off from work, and in a more extreme form than weekends it threw me off my schedule. I should be used to this by now but I’m incapable of dealing with it right. I should have written in the morning, but I’ve been ‘all-go’ for so long that I couldn’t wrestle myself out of bed until 10. Hospital appointment was followed by visit to Mana Gaming because hey, it was my day off. And once again I found myself rushing to target at the last minute. And I wrote my blog post late to add insult.

So I’m going to change this up a little. From now, writing my blog post is going to be my 10am. I am writing this post at 4 minutes past, and given I’m on the clock most 10ams I will be lenient to work around my real commitments. But I have to write at 10am what I did yesterday and what I’ll do today. On a related note, unless I feel like it I’m not doing the “what will I do tomorrow” part anymore as that felt like duplication.

So yesterday, I hit target typing up Volcano. Today I want to take another chunk out of Volcano Chapter 5, and then do Unreachable edits so I can hit publish as soon as possible. I’m only a week overdue as of today so I want to keep it within February.