February 19th, 2019

Oh. Dear. God. Yesterday I managed to do what I said I would here: I wrote 1,000 new words of Volcano. That feels great. You know what doesn’t feel great? Only finding out your arch nemesis ten years into your writing training.


Oh lordy, so I overuse this word and its demon offspring far worse than I feared. I knew I used it and shouldn’t, in the same way I use far too many adverbs – or, well any adverbs. Don’t use adverbs kids. But thing, things and something turn out to be the unholy trinity I did not appreciate until now.

Over 500 words in Unreachable. That’s one in one hundred and fifty words. That’s one every two paragraphs on average. That’s, awful. I am cringing and I can’t believe I’ve exposed people to that.

So tonight, I am issuing a premature pardon: I will type up words of Volcano to reach target if I fail with Unreachable. And before I do, I’m purging EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE OF THE WORD “THING”  FROM UNREACHABLE.

And, then tomorrow lets do 1,000 words of Chapter 5. And book some therapy. Over 500. It’s a good thing – ARGH – I’m going to the hospital tomorrow because I feel sick right now.