February 17th, 2019

The last two days have been a bit off for me. I still managed 1,000 words on both days of pure story content, which a month ago would be counted as a fantastic day in both cases. But my standards are shifting. I’m comfortable with 1,000 words of typing up being my floor.

Today I would like to do 1,000 of new content, but I agree with shattered-me yesterday that doing a type up might be better. I think I’d get pretty close with 1,000 to finishing Chapter 3 on Google Docs (available over there >). I’d like to follow that up with Unreachable edits, as I want to publish the eBook soon.

If I’m doing typing today though, I want to get right back to new content on Monday. I can do better than chaining type ups. That’s a surreal thought, as I used to average 12 brain-dumps to hit target a month, and this month I haven’t done that once. Funny how values change over time. Wonder where I’ll be by the end of the year.