February 14th, 2019

Today has been a headache, and not for the obvious single-for-the-first-time-in-three-years reason. I didn’t think about Valentines Day – it’s one of the few dates I don’t hold onto with obsession, unlike the day 12 days before it – so my headache was just a literal one caused by exhaustion and dehydration. The latter I could deal with; the former is unfair. I got 9 hours sleep, I was out like a light before 11, what more does my brain want from me?

I have written 18 words so far. No I didn’t drop a zero, that’s eighteen in total. It didn’t help I had to go grab more instant coffee *shudder* on my lunch break and lost a good 20 minutes, or that the walk left me more tired. So I’d quite like to do the remaining 982 words of Volcano I owe myself for today. I’m glad I haven’t been tempted to fall back on my old habit of hitting target with a dump of my thoughts and feelings into a Google Doc.

Even in this position I still think tomorrow is another 1,000 words of Chapter 5. Yes tomorrow I am in Hastings and yes that means I will be more tired than today *shudder* but my response is increasingly becoming “Why not?”. And well, why not? It’s not like it has to be great; it’s a first draft, it doesn’t have to be coherent, or even legible. No excuse.

I think I was in an italic mood writing this post. Need to cut that out too.