February 13th, 2019

I didn’t end up doing any extra content after yesterday’s post. I got a text message that left me in a sour mood and it sapped my willpower. The unfortunate side effect of 1K – and worth it I might add – is that once I hit target, my desire to keep writing becomes sapped. That’s a mental health issue I still need to deal with, but with this blog and my private journal I’m still doing 1,500 words on average every day. I’d have killed for that any time before now.

Right, today I want to produce 1,000 words of Chapter 5 of Volcano. That should be no problem. Once I’ve done that, my stretch goal for today is to write-up a one page rubric of words, phrases and concepts to remove from my writing on rewrites. Adverbs and adjectives are part of that, but also hedge phrases, and certain sentence structures. I will then use this to do a fresh rewrite of Unreachable, which I will then make available as a free eBook here and on Amazon.

I want to keep this chain of 1,000 words of new story content going as long as I can, so even before that’s done for today I want to plant my flag in another 1,000 words of Chapter 5 tomorrow. There is no reason I can’t, and that’s what I want. I have a soft-goal of finishing Volcano by my 27th birthday (April 13th) and this is a vital step.