February 10th, 2019

I just had the surreal experience of writing this blog post on the wrong blog. That was unpleasent. In my eagarness to delete it I never copied what I wrote, so I guess I’ll be doing a complete rewrite. I seem to have an addiction for those at the moment.

Well today I did what I’d been putting off on some subconsious level for a very long time and wrote the one scene in Volcano I didn’t feel qualified to: Arthur’s botched Cambridge interview. I just went screw it, sat down and wrote it out. Funny story, I grabbed a bottle of rum and said “drink this, then write that.” and then forgot to drink the rum. Go figure; guess I’ll need to remember a few shots in the rewrite.

So goals for tomorrow – let’s go for another 1,000 words of the paper version in the form of Chapter 5. If I can keep this up, I can easily finish Volcano in a few months, then take another big swing at Spectrum as by then the reannotation will be done and I can type it up again. I did exactly zero annotating this weekend so I should aim to do at least some of that tomorrow.