February 8th, 2019

Yesterday I ended up doing 500 words – well, 499 words – of bio for the blog, and decided to count that. I did 750 words of Volcano gross, which I think comes under at net as I cut a little too. Given so far the chapters are coming in at 1,200 over their alloted totals that’s no bad thing.

Today I dropped £11.50 (ouch) and Spectrum is being printed up in all its awful glory. I’m going to cover this copy in as much ink as possible as I rip 22 year old me to shreds. But I’m optimistic. There’s a good story in there somewhere.

Goal for today is another 1k of Volcano typed. I will start on Spectrum when I’ve done enough autiting but that’s going to take awhile; would be optimistic to say it will take the weekend.